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Project Description

Silence, Ready to Roll…!

Making a movie is truly an ambitious ordeal and we really put our hearts to it! The important thing is to be motivated and since in a film there are so many different aspects to choose to look into, many kids are likely to find fields of interest and satisfaction. You might prefer the role of the actor, the musical composer, the set design specialist, the director or the technician: this is an opportunity to try out all these experiences. It is challenging project with very intense days.

Immediately an idea or theme is proposed, so as to stimulate reactions and new input from the kids – many discussions follow before reaching a decision all together. Starting from the first day of their stay, kids begin to sketch drawings and to write down their stories or dreams; they take turns experimenting what it implies to film each other in action. The plot gradually takes shape… At this point all the staff splits up the participants dividing them in groups in order to allow everybody to take part in each artistic field involved. The set design, creating locations and costumes have a priority since they need to be ready before the actual filming takes place. At the same time, protagonists are chosen giving everybody an equal opportunity. The composition of the sound track is a steady work in progress: often it needs to follow events and other times it is the leading role. During the final days, whilst working at the editing, time is dedicated to preparing the credits. At the end of the project, this short movie created by the kids of Arteaparte, will be shown parents and friends and each kid will triumphantly take home their own DVD – an unforgettable memory! 

Cinema Project July 02 to 08, 2017 (age 9 to 15)

The children are all protagonists in the production of their short film.
They learn to film the sequences, they compose the sound track and they create the set design – a lot of action for this very intense week!


1 Week — € 630,00


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