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Project Description


Harmony with Nature

A week of exploration in order to learn how to move in nature –respecting the environment. Artwork and stories related to nature build up the theme of our Nature projects. Every adventure is described in a Journal, full of illustrations and new words learnt in English. Amongst the activities that take place outdoors there’s orienteering, archery, treasure hunts, trekking, a night camping out in tents. Immediately in the first days, we start preparing for the long walk which includes the night out , by learning how to read a map tracing pathways and learning how to use a compass.

We set off for the walk in teams because in order to reach the campsite destination the kids have to find their way utilizing their orienteering skills. Once at the campsite, we all join efforts to set up the tents for the night and then take turns practicing some archery. We all share the emotion of having dinner sitting around the fire under the stars! When we set off the next morning, in addition to finding the right route that take us home, there are also several trials with team points at every “post” where targets have been placed for the archery competition. The return home for a well-deserved meal is always a great conquest! During the last days of the week the kids spend time developing and completing their artwork and filling in their journals – without neglecting time for team games and some relaxing moments in the pool. 

Nature Project June 30 to July 06, 2019 (age 8 to 12)

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” (W.Wordsworth) 
All activities will be tied to outdoor life – team games, trekking, orienteering, camping, drawing and painting, singing and music. The children will try to represent the equilibrium observed in nature through various forms of art.


1 Week — € 660,00


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