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Show off in English.

Project Description


 English Concert

We speak English here.
“Lessons” are interposed with music sessions and singing – in English.
Professional mother tongue teachers will accompany the children during this week and will encourage them to feel that the English language is not so foreign to them.
Everybody will participate in an engaging final concert, a choir of voices on the proscenium!

Arteaparte always pays special attention to maintain an equilibrium between the serious undertaking of the activities and enjoyment and relax. The staff never forgets the importance of living artistic expression with pleasure. In fact, there is always time dedicated to games, walks or a swim in the pool. 

English Concert Project 23-29 June, 2019 (age 8 to 14)

This year Arteaparte will create a new special place – a land where English is spoken but is neither on the other side of the Atlantic nor under the rain across the Channel. This special land is hidden in the hills of Umbria, a great place to learn English with music, games and fun activities.
And for the gran finale of the week the children will be preparing a concert, singing together in English!
Arteaparte has a team of experienced mother tongue teachers who facilitate the sense of community and share in the cultural experience.


1 Week — € 660,00


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