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 Step on Stage

A two-week project for a full immersion in a real theatrical experience. Every year the kind of performance changes: it can be a musical, an adaptation of a story, an exhibition of pictures that come to life through the interpretation of the kids, a concert. All spoken parts are in English. All the kids participate in the preparation of the set design and costumes, which need to be ready by the beginning of the second week. There are many things to build, objects to create in paper-maché, and things to paint. Once the roles are distributed, each kid is responsible for learning by heart whatever needs to be spoken or sung and for all movements on stage.

At the beginning of the second week rehearsals are held directly on stage – which, according to the kind of performance, can be either at the Theatre of the Town Hall of Avigliano Umbro or at the amphitheatre in the garden. Arteaparte always pays special attention to maintain an equilibrium between the serious undertaking of the activities and enjoyment and relax. The staff never forgets the importance of living artistic expression with pleasure. In fact, there is always time dedicated to games, walks or a swim in the pool. 

Theatre Project July 15 to 21, 2018 (age 8 to 14)

This year the performance will be a travelling show, where the spectators will be moving along and stopping-over at different stages of this fabled journey. The itinerary will be staged by stories: the children will become storytellers, they will develop narrative skills recounting in English their fantastic tales. Every story will be accompanied by live music and visually depicted in large pictorial compositions.


1 Week — € 630,00


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