Associazione Arteaparte

Arteaparte is all about atmosphere, imagination, living together and being at one with nature.  It’s about a place where dreams and ideas have the space to grow and evolve.  It’s a place where you can learn various forms of art and your creative ideas are nurtured and formed into great works without the need of any particular skills.

In order to reinforce your expressive capacities, take this opportunity to try something different and be amazed at your own natural sense of harmonious movement. It doesn’t take much. Just follow your natural instincts and relax. There are forms of art for everyone and all you need to do is seize the moment. Arteaparte offers you a chance to experience this!

Who we are

Our core staff is:

Antonella Neri

Graduate in Dance and Movement Education at the Laban Centre, Goldsmith’s College London University, England in 1979.

Phillippa Peckham

Graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bath, in 1976, and at the Byam Shaw School of Art and Design of London, England in 1979.

Paige Decker Short

Graduate in Music at Indiana University, U.S.A. in 1973 and specialized in Education at the Cappella University, U.S.A.

Jon-Scot Burns

Studied Social Sciences at Edinburgh College, 1999; ESL Teacher; is currently studying a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies – The Open University, Milton Keynes, England.

Gianluca Cristiani

Graduate in Literature and Philosophy at La Sapienza University of Rome in 1993.

Philosophy and Objectives

Our activities should always:

  1. help each child to reach his or her greatest potential in a stimulating and caring environment;
  2. encourage children to develop a sense of identity, self-esteem and independence;
  3. teach to respect others and their natural environment;
  4. in the approach to different forms of art, foster the natural creative impulse which makes each person protagonist;
  5. reinforce expressive capacities;
  6. give the opportunity to relax.

The House

Arteaparte is run on the premises of a private countryhouse with about 2 hectares of surrounding garden. The villa is fully equipped with modern devices.

During the restoration of the place, great attention was put in maintaining harmony with the environment – also in the creation of new spaces: the swimming pool in the secret garden, the amphitheatre hidden in the woods, the labyrinth in continuous transformation, the bocce court enveloped in herbal plants and spices. The garden offers the possibility for several other outdoor activities: table-tennis, table-football, a small football pitch and a small volleyball court.

Accomodation for children is in 4 or 5 bedded rooms, with a bathroom for every two rooms. Another three rooms are for staff living with the children 24 hours a day.

Where We Are


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