Example Day.

 Arrivals and Departures

On Sundays arrivals should be between 3 and 5 p.m. As soon as parents take leave of their kids, we all have a first welcoming snack and then gather together for a general introduction. Kids are shown to their rooms to settle in and then we go for a tour of the garden where we explain how to use and enjoy all the specifically designed structures and spaces. On Saturdays departures are before lunchtime. At about 11 a.m. the final production of the project (film, performance, art show, concert) is presented to families and friends.


  • 8.30 — “Breakfast is ready!”
  • 9.00 to 9.30 — Time to get washed, dressed and get the bedrooms tidy.
  • 9.30 — Activities start with a warm up, in order to learn a short movement routine all together – wake up together with some music accompaniment.
  • Dependent on the project the activities vary from music, art, orienteering, etc. and kids are split into two groups which, after snack time at 11.00, exchange activities.
  • Living together and sharing daily tasks with the kids implies their participation in setting and clearing the tables for mealtimes. We have a weekly schedule in which kids are put into pairs for their turn at “table team”.


  • 13.15 — Lunch all together: healthy meals are prepared by our cook.
  • 15.00 — After free time we have an hour and a half of English lessons – usually a journal is kept.
  • Every afternoon, we all enjoy a couple of hours of relaxation that can be spent in the pool or taking a walk in the woods down to the river or visiting one of the nearby village followed by a snack or ice-cream.
  • Project activities or outdoor team games – allowing for a shower before dinner.
  • 20.15 — Dinnertime! There’s always some free time after dinner to watch a movie, play some board games, or read; often the evening closes up with a sing-a-long or some star gazing lying outdoors on the lawn.
  • 22.30 — Time to get ready for bed… and grab a good book.
  • 23.00 — Good night and lights out!

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