The Rhythm of English.

Project Description

The Rhythm of English

During this special week we teach English relevant to the theme of the project and to everyday community living. Not only during interactive English language lessons, but in every activity of our camps: using creative expression, music and art, whilst enjoying nature walks and team games in an English-speaking environment.
A mother tongue team of experienced professionals transport participants into the marvellous world that is Arteaparte, where students will learn new skills, find new ways to express themselves and improve their English along the way.

Progetto The Rhythm Of English: 29 August – 5 September 2020 (age 8 to 14)

In this special week at the end of the summer Arteaparte offers a unique opportunity for young students to recharge their English language skills and thus gain confidence for the approaching school year.
It has been proven that when immersed in a language, the repetition of everyday-life phrases aids in retaining new vocabulary. It has also been found that things one learns while having fun, stay with us longer.
So, we can truly say we have the winning combination here at Arteaparte!

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