Performance Art.

Project Description

Performance Art

The act of showing or public sharing derives from an introspective process in which the children look into their feelings, their sense of belonging, their preferences – choosing to represent what they can relate to.

Their willingness to take part in a collective experience through this process allows for a major step towards building self-confidence.

Performance Art Project: 28 June – 4 July 2020 (age 8 to 14)

This project will develop an outdoor Performance Art show, using the territory as an undefined space where to exhibit the children’s artwork in the form of banners that stand high and kites that fly even higher.

Everybody will take part in an interactive experience, sharing with families and friends the joy of celebrating a sense of belonging to something much bigger, the entire planet, a place which could be borderless and inclusive.

We will fly high and touch the sky: making art and music, dancing with the wind.


1 Week — € 660,00


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